Marchand roasts Habs on social media with Tweet of the year!

Boom! Roasted! The NHL’s biggest online troll strikes again!

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In case you missed it, Boston Bruins super pest Brad Marchand has been having a little bit of fun on social media the morning following his team’s Game 5 playoff elimination courtesy of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Earlier this morning Marchand issued a simple message to fans and haters alike:

Perfect… well almost perfect. Shouldn’t he be using the ‘tongue out’ emoji?

That wasn’t enough for Marchand though, who clearly has heard enough about his licking shenanigans this post season. Marchand, of course, inexplicably escaped punishment from the NHL after licking Lightning veteran Ryan Callahan in Game 4 of the teams’ second round series. This after he gave Toronto Maple Leafs forward Leo Komarov the same treatment in teams’ first round playoff matchup.

Since then social media has been buzzing with Marchand jokes and memes and well… Brad’s had enough. It’s one thing to get it from the fans but when a rival team, say the Montreal Canadiens, start to fire back then that’s where Marchand draws the line.

Check out this tweet by the Habs sent out this morning:

Without naming names, just a reminder that licking is frowned upon on the golf course as well.

Pretty clever, right? Well… not near as clever as Marchand’s reply:

Funny...throwing shade when you were out of the playoff race since October

BOOM! Roasted! How’s that for a comeback!?

Again, love him or hate him there’s no denying that Brad Marchand is the uncontested, unchallenged #1 online troll in the entire NHL. If nothing else, the NHL's biggest super pest was a supremely entertaining player to follow this post season. Not only for his antics on and off the ice, but also for putting up an impressive four goals and 17 points in 12 playoff games. Unfortunately for Marchand and the Bruins, the 29 year old sniper simply ran out of gas as the series wore on. His four point performance in Game 1 of the series was by far Marchand's best showing and in the end it wound up being the Bruins' only win in the series. He did manage a two point performance in a devastating Game 4 loss, but was effectively a no-show when the Bruins needed him most last night.