Massive fight in Toronto leaves a bloodbath in its wake

These guys are vicious.

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A heated affair between the Toronto Marlies and Bridgeport Sound Tigers in the AHL led to several fights, one of which left Casey Bailey of the New York Islanders' farm team a bloody mess, as evidenced by the picture that brought you into this post.

Unfortunately, the camera didn't catch the entire fight, as several players were going at it simultaneously.

Here's what the camera did catch - according to Jeff Veillette, Andrew Nielsen unleashed massive consecutive punches on Bailey, leading to the bloody mess you witnessed above.

Talk about busting someone right open.

Rich Clune also got his hands dirty, taking on a much bigger opponent, but if you watch until the end, you'll see him have his way, winning the fight cleanly.

The Marlies got the better of Bridgeport on the fight card, and on the scoreboard, coming off with an easy 6-1 victory.


There was another big scrap in the AHL on Saturday night - who won this won?