McDavid and family ruthlessly heckled while out in downtown Edmonton

Oh man… can someone save this kid from the Edmonton fanbase?

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No matter how you look at it, the 2017-18 season has been a MASSIVE disappointment for Edmonton Oilers fans. After shattering a decade long playoff drought last season, many fans and analysts had the Oilers pegged as a legitimate Stanley Cup contender heading into this season. But then… disaster. The puck dropped on the 2017-18 season and the Oilers have seemingly never been able to gain traction.

Sure, superstar captain Connor McDavid is still tearing up the league, but the secondary scoring help that he had last season from players like Leon Draisaitl, Jordan Eberle and Patrick Maroon has been mostly non-existent this season. The team’s defense has been subpar on most evenings and goaltender Cam Talbot has been either injured on inconsistent this season. Put it all in a pot and you get the recipe for another Draft Lottery finish in the NHL standings for the Oilers.

Things couldn’t get much worse for the Oilers. Well… actually that’s not true, at least the players aren’t openly heckled by fans in public, right? Right… ?

Evidently not. Check out this video posted to social media from an Oilers “fan” in which he heckles McDavid as the 21-year-old superstar exits an Edmonton restaurant with his Mother and Father:

Wow… way to keep it classy, there buddy…

If you had trouble hearing the audio in the clip, you can hear a young man clearly chirping McDavid and saying, “You got to start winning games, man. You going to get traded. You need better players, man.”

As you might expect REAL Oilers fans on social media rallied together in support of McDavid, in attempt to show the young superstar that people like this don’t represent the team’s fanbase.

And according to the Edmonton Journal's David Staples, Oilers legend Grant Fuhr even reached out to McDavid on social media. Saying in a since-deleted Tweet, "It’s a shame that there are still so called fans that are classless they don’t represent most Oiler fans." Amen, Grant.