McDavid gets invited to adorable kid's birthday party

This is amazing!

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We all had cute and innocent wishes when we were kids. Especially when it gets to the time when your birthday nears and you get to ask your parents and loved ones what you really want for your special day. 

And we had found the child with the perfect wish! A young Oilers fan in Edmonton named Alex is hoping to get all of his wished to come true by asking Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid to celebrate with his friends and family when he will be turning 10 years old this summer. 

Can you come to my birthday party. I will be turning ten on July 6th 11:00am – 5:00 pm. The next day you don’t have to sleep over. I saw the video of when the teenagers were being rude to you when you were trying to leave the restaurant with your parents so your invited to my birthday party. We will be having a street hockey game so you might want to bring Darnel Nurse for defense and a tough guy like Zack Kassian or Jujhar Khaira. If you need any more details here my number for my house.”

Now, first of all, I have been to many birthday parties when I was a kid, and this one sounds like a lot of fun. On top of that, the young Alex is being selfless and tells McDavid he can even invite some of his teammates. And all that to make him feel better before some rude teenagers weren't kind to the Oilers captain weeks ago. 

It was recently revealed in a Snapchat video posted to Streamable, in which a fan heckles McDavid, walking with his parents, as they exit a restaurant.

"You've got to start winning games, man," the fan yells in the video, captioned "Had to press McDavid." "You're going to get traded. You need better players, man. You're not doing too well."

When asked about the incident, McDavid did not want to go on about it. 

“I’m not even going to talk about it, it’s nothing," McDavid said, according to The Edmonton Journal. "It’s so not a big deal I’m not even going to say anything about it.”

However, now, he has a friend who cares about him and wants to make him feel better. Oh, I hope McDavid goes to Alex's party! 

Can I go too?