McDavid's OT goal disallowed after controversial ruling, so he taunts the refs after scoring a shootout goal

The NHL makes their ruling on McDavid after trash talking the referees.

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The Edmonton Oilers were in a tight game against their provincial rivals, the Calgary Flames on Thursday night.

The game was marked by a controversial goalie interference call in overtime that forced the game into shootout. 

Connor McDavid was certainly unhappy about the disallowed goal, but made up for it in spectacular fashion in the shootout.

And he let the refs have it. He was assessed an "abuse of officials" penalty for his gesture. How often do you see a penalty called in a shootout?

There will be no supplemental discipline. He was assessed a 10-minute misconduct on the play... which doesn't really mean much.

Here is what McDavid had to say post-game.

The reactions to the disallowed goal further cemented the controversy around the league this week after the Toronto Maple Leafs were involved in a couple ridiculous goalie interference calls.

Here were the two calls that stirred up a frenzy this week.

This was called no goal:

This was of course followed up by one of the most memorable moments of the year, freeze framed forever.

This was called a good goal (look at bottom frame, and compare to the top one):