Meet the NHL's next big agitator.

A player you will love to hit.

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He hasn't even been drafted yet but many are expecting him to be the next Brad Marchand.

Brady Tkachuk, the young brother of Calgary Flames star forward Matthew Tkachuk,is a bigger, faster and meaner version of his older brother. When you consider that Matthew Tkachuk has already established himself as arguably the best agitator, no player draws more penalty minutes, in the entire National Hockey League, that is a scary thought. 

Here is how the Calgary Herald paints the picture of the younger Tkachuk:

Described as a nastier version than his older brother — a thought that is scary considering Matthew’s rap sheet already — the 6-foot-2 and 194-pound Brady Tkachuk is also a bit more skilled with the puck. It is why the 18-year-old, whom one scout called “the best Tkachuk — period” is expected to be a top-five pick in next year’s NHL Entry Draft.

The best Tkachuk period of course includes father Keith Tkachuk, a player who played over 1200 NHL games and recorded over 1000 career points. If Brady could surpass his father's level of talent while being a meaner and bigger version of his older brother, it could be a truly disasterous combination for opposing teams in the NHL.

The question now is which team will land him at the draft, as that will likely determine the fan base that loves him and the fan bases that love to hate him.