Montoya gets perfect revenge on reporter after being completely disrespected

This is as good as it gets... Wow!

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On Thursday, Edmonton Oilers veteran goaltender Al Montoya was harshly criticized for refusing to speak to them on game day, something he has done consistently through his career. 

The focus of the vitriol was largely directed at TSN's Ryan Rishaug who wrote the following:

"Al Montoya doesn’t talk on game days. Needs to focus. Only Oiler who does this. Why should it be different for him? Only conclusion is that he’s more fragile in his preparation, or he’s ducking responsibility with this silly loophole. Neither are great qualities for a goalie."

Some other media members went to the defense of the veteran goalie, by giving examples of other players with the same pre-game preparation. 

Jamie McLennan fired back at Rishaug, his coworker at TSN, calling the entire thing a situation of "fake outrage."

"Kiprusoff never spoke once on game day, not once did anyone question his preparation."

Rishaug did tweet back to change his wording and apologized for his statement before the evening's contest, but it seemed too late...

Montoya did not appreciate the comment and had the best answer for Rishaug. Following the 4-3 overtime loss to the Colorado Avalanche, the TSN reporter attempted to ask him a question, and the veteran netminder simply ignored him, saying "someone else?"

See for yourself in the video below: 

It says it all.