Montreal has made the dumbest move ever!

What are fans supposed to make of this?!

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This is a safe place. You can say what ever you want about the Montreal Canadiens' situation involving their long-time captain Max Pacioretty. I say it is one of the dumbest thing to take place in a long time in Montreal. And apparently, NHL insider and analyst Don MacLean felt it was safe to say the same thing on the air of The Fan on Sportsnet 590 on Friday morning. 

The back and forth in the trade situation involving Pacioretty has been mind-boggling. 

During the draft weekend, the league was almost witness to a major trade involving Pacioretty, which eventually fell through. For a while, it was believed that the Habs top forward was on his way to the Los Angeles Kings, and then, he was back in an awkward spot in Montreal. He traded agents, going from Pat Brisson to Allan Walsh, in hopes of coming to an agreement on an extension with the Habs, but now, it has been said that the Canadiens don't want him back. 

In a stunning report on Tuesday, Marc Antoine Godin of The Athletic revealed that the Canadiens have effectively put an end to their relationship with Pacioretty, claiming the Habs have informed their captain that they have no interest in negotiating a potential contract extension with him. Additionally Godin reports that Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin has informed his captain that he intends to trade him as soon as is possible.

MacLean believes the situation is about "to get really ugly in Montreal."

"Now you have a new agent coming in, this could get really ugly," commented MacLean on the air. 

"I don't understand them coming in with this statement. Why freeze the situation? Why not continue and try to make this work? And when I say make it work I mean make the best hockey deal you can. Keep talking, keep your player in a good frame of mind. I don't quite understand why making this statement does!"

On top of the absurdity of the Habs' statement, Pacioretty's value has now for sure been compromised. The trade value of the captain was likely already at an all time low after the poor season he had during the 2017-18 season and now it's going to drop even lower now that teams know a long term deal is off the table for the Canadiens.

This is by far one of the dumbest situations in the NHL, wouldn't you say?