Must See: A very drunk Ovi and Wilson singing “We are the Champions,” and crushing beers on live TV

Fair to say that the boys had a pretty fun Saturday evening…

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No doubt about it, the best part of the 2018 offseason has been and will continue to be the ongoing adventures of Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin and his travels with the Stanley Cup. 

In the past 48 hours The Great 8 has been seen pulling keg stands with the Cup, swimming in public fountains with the Cup and just casually walking the streets of DC with the Cup. Here’s a quip recap of Ovi and Stanley’s travels the past 48 hours courtesy of the Washington Post’s Jacob Bogage:

Since winning the Stanley Cup on Thursday night, the Capitals’ party hasn’t ended. They partied hard overnight and into Friday morning on the Las Vegas Strip. They partied Friday on the flight back to Dulles, and then at a bar in Clarendon.
They showed up at Nationals Park on Saturday to a boisterous crowd, then sat in a sky box and drank beers for nine innings. Then they made it to Georgetown, Cup in tow, and the revelry continued.
Apparently, the Capitals have had quite a bit to drink. And they have good reason to celebrate. They dislike shirts. They like fountains. They’re in favor of partying with the general public.

Last night, Ovi and his teammates took in the Washington Nationals baseball game where things got a little… well, let’s just say that the boys were well hydrated. 

After throwing out a miserable opening pitch, Ovechkin, Tom Wilson and other Caps teammates took in the Nationals versus San Francisco Giants game and clearly had a great Saturday evening.

First, check out this opening pitch:

Wild pitch! But he recovers on the 2nd pitch… atta boy, Ovi.

Up next, Ovi and Wilson were briefly interviewed inside their luxury suite where they decided to serenade the DC faithful with a drunken rendition of Queen’s “We are the Champions,” check it out:

Beer showers… arm and arm singing… the Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup champions. Did you EVER think you’d see the day!?

Say or think what you want about Ovechkin and the Capitals, but there's no denying the fact that this team is enjoying every moment of their championship victory. We're just happy to be along for the ride.