Must see: Cup accidentally dropped upside down in a hot tub!

What would Ovi say about this?

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A championship drought came to an end as the Toronto Marlies beat the Texas Stars 6-1 on Thursday night to win the Calder Cup final in seven games. It's the first Calder Cup title for the franchise since it moved to Toronto from St. John's for the 2005-06 season. The last Toronto AHL affiliate to win the Calder Cup was the New Brunswick Hawks in 1982.

For the first time since the Toronto Maple Leafs last earned the Stanley Cup more than a half century ago, the Marlies are bringing its little brother to the city. Yeah, it's the first hockey championship in 50 years in Toronto. Precisely a week after the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup in five games over the Vegas Golden Knights, the party has now begun in Toronto, and it did not start off on the right foot. 

One of the Marlies younger players, Jeremy Bracco, was posting to his Instagram story last night and in the middle of one snap, he noticed something wrong. While in a hot tub with a bunch of his teammates, he realized the Calder Cup has been dropped upside down in water.

The Marlies players might not be used to holding a Cup like the Calder, however, they should take some lessons from Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin, who has mastered the art of doing random things with the Stanley Cup. For the past week now, we have seen Ovechkin partying it up with the the Cup, always carrying the prestigious trophy, kissing it and drinking with it, or in it for that matter. 

It all started in Vegas as the team partied with DJ Tiesto, who was in charge of the music and festivities at the Hakkasan nightclub at the MGM Grand, and he even invited the entire team to join him in the VIP area behind the DJ booth to party with the Cup. The famous DJ even got to hoist the prestigious trophy in the air in front of a lively crowd of fans and supporters, still with Ovechkin leading the way. 

This weekend at the Nationals’ baseball game, Ovechkin was then spotted holding the Cup over his head in the middle of an inning as the ball was in play. Then in a middle of an interview, Ovi and some of his teammates broke out in the famous Queen’s “We are the champions” song. Right after the game, Ovechkin did a keg stand out of the Cup, and then he wound up shirtless when he and a few teammates, including forward T.J. Oshie, ended up into the fountain, swimming, dancing and jumping around. 

At the team’s party that night, Ovi slow danced with the trophy - he NEVER once dropped it. Even when he was completely drunk. 

The Marlies need to learn, man. What would Ovi say about this?