Must see: Gritty pulls extravagant entrance before Flyers' home opener

This mascot is unbelievable!

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The Philadelphia Flyers’ new mascot Gritty still has a lot of people talking. His awful looks and aggressive attitude have raised a lot of eyebrows, and things only got worse on Tuesday night when the team celebrated their season opener in Philly. 

Before the game, the Flyers announced the following on Monday:

Having already taken the world by storm, the Flyers brand new mascot, Gritty, will celebrate the home opener with a dramatic grand entrance.

They weren't joking. Gritty made a great entrance and came in like a wrecking ball. Literally. 

He floated down from the rafters with Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” playing in the background and swung from side to side in almost a dangerous manner to get the attention of fans that had gathered in the arena for the first game of the season in Philly. 

Usually mascots don't get to make a more incredible entrance than the players, but we are talking about Gritty here. 

The hype for Gritty has gained steam by the day ever since his unveiling two weeks ago. And fans cannot get enough of the weird looking mascot. Take a look at his entrance, which has gone viral tonight, despite the Flyers' poor performance against the San Jose Sharks on Tuesday night. The video was posted here by TSN on their Instragram account: 

Following his grand entrance, the Flyers wanted to see if there had been any other entrances that came close to Gritty's during the home opener. They made this Top 3 of the best entrances ever and you can tell Gritty's can compete with some of the greatest out there. Here is what the Flyers determine: 

Best-ever entrances from the rafters:

3. (The 90's)
2. (WrestleMania XII)
1. (tonight)

It seems about right... 

While the Flyers struggled against the Sharks, it seems like Gritty's moves inspired starting goalie Brian Elliott for a while during the second period, as the netminder made an impressive move to stop all-star blue liner Erik Karlsson as you can see in the video here below: 

Let's see what else Gritty has up his sleeves (or up his nasty beard) this season as the year unfolds. Should be entertaining!