Must see: Ovechkin better stick to hockey!

Yeah, this didn't work out like Ovi expected...

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The party keeps going in Washington as the Capitals were special guests before the start of the Washington Nationals' game on Saturday afternoon just two days after winning the Stanley Cup. Team owner Ted Leonsis was also be in attendance along with the entire team and coaching staff. The show got even better when captain Alex Ovechkin stepped up on the mound to throw the ceremonial first pitch.

The Russian superstar made it clear that he should stick to hockey in the future. Ovechkin sailed his first opening pitch over Max Scherzer's head with his teammates having a good laugh at the whole situation. 

While he seemed to be having fun, Ovehckin remains a perfectionist and since he is now a Stanley Cup champion, he was granted a second chance as he immediately asked Scherzer for another shot at the pitch after he signaled that he wanted the ball back. 

Finally, Ovechkin was able to get a better result with his second chance on the mound. This one was still high, but it was caught by Scherzer. The crowd roared. You can see the sequence of events in a video posted on social media by the Nationals, who were delighted to celebrate their fellow team's championship before their contest. 

The Caps just got back yesterday from Vegas after beating the Golden Knights in a five-game series in the grande finale. On Thursday night, the Capitals headed to the nightclub Hakkasan at the MGM Grand in Vegas — where the entire team, coaching staff, management, owners and fans went all out to celebrate the victory over the Golden Knights. 

The team partied with DJ Tiesto, who was in charge of the music and festivities at the club, and he even invited the entire team to join him in the VIP area behind the DJ booth to party with the Cup. The famous DJ even got to hoist the prestigious trophy in the air in front of a lively crowd of fans and supporters. 

They took the plane back home Friday afternoon and today's celebration with the Nationals is one of many events surrounding the team's championship. A parade in Washington will take place on Tuesday. 

Ovehckin might be better off sticking with hockey, but as a champion now, he can't go wrong no matter what he does.