Must see: Players attack spectators during vicious brawl in the stands!

This is the craziest thing you'll see all year!

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A senior League hockey game degenerated on Friday in Foresville, in what seems to be a scene straight out of the Slap Shot movie. Players from the visiting team made their way to the stands during the game to attack a spectator. 

According to Le Journal de Quebec, Jean-Christophe Pedneault-Bolduc, who was arrested last year for running over a woman in a McDonald's parking lot, was involved in the incident. 

The game between the Jonquiere MGR Express against the Haute-Côte-Nord Excavation A. Savard of the LHSLF took place in Forestville, and the fight broke out when a fan reportedly threw a can on the visiting players. 

The brawl ensued during the third period as some MGR Express players went up in the stands, bare chested with their skates on : 

On Sunday morning, MGR Express head coach Gino Gagnon quit his job. Without giving too many details on his resignation, he did mention that his personal values were in conflict with what took place on Friday night. His assistant coach Jean-Philippe Boivin is said to have also quit the team. 

Players are expected to be penalized shorty by the LHSLF, which is only a four-team league.