Must see: we have a best fight of the year candidate!

A old-style, rock ‘em sock ‘em fight! Wow!

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Everyone around the National Hockey League knows that Dallas Stars captain and star forward Jamie Benn can be quite feisty on the ice. Even though it appears to be a well-known fact, it did not stop Miles Wood of the New Jersey Devils from putting his opponent’s buttons until Benn had had enough. What came out of it is an early but clear candidate for best fight of the year. 

On Tuesday night, the Stars took on the Devils and during a face-off early in the third period, things escalated quickly. Of course, Benn’s temper was already affected by the fact that his team was behind 3-0 in the game and nothing was going according to plans. 

The linesman could see both players chirping at the circle, and despite passing in between both men and telling them to stay focused on the game, Wood and Benn only one thing on their minds: let’s drop the gloves and settle this. It’s a good thing the linesman did not break them up early in the scuffle, since the two gritty players offered us what is so far the fight of the 2018-19 season. 

Both Benn and Wood managed to land some strong punches in the intense fight. Benn clearly got the advantage at the start of the rumble, however, Wood did not give you and landed some impressive blows, one strong enough to send the Stars captain to his knees. As the commentators noted while both players were punching themselves, this is a old-style, rock ‘em sock ‘em fight, one you need to see. 

You can see the entire fight in the video above, atop this article. Enjoy!

In the end, while we cannot say for sure you ended up winning this crazy fight, the Devils took the game, winning 3-0, as Benn’s actions failed to motivate his teammates to make an impressive comeback. Both players were sent to the penalty box following the fight. 

However, props to Benn, who as a captain, took it upon himself to show his teammates what needs to be done and send a message that the Stars need to fight for points. After six contests this season, the Stars have put up a 3-3-0 record, and need to start showing they can be a menace in the Western Conference. 

One thing is clear: Benn is quite an imposing guy!