Nash opens up on possible trade to Toronto

The former superstar has his sights set on a Stanley Cup victory with the Leafs.

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Multiple reports were released yesterday indicating that New York Rangers forward Rick Nash WOULD accept a trade to the Toronto Maple Leafs ahead of the NHL’s February 26th trade deadline. 

Initially, it was believed that Nash preferred to stay out of the media spotlight that comes with playing in a huge Canadian market, but it seems that he’s either changed his tune or that that was never really the case in the first place. Regardless, Nash sees the Leafs as a Stanley Cup contender and a team that he’d like to join.

“I included the teams that I think have the best chance of winning the Stanley Cup and are also places I think would be good for my family,” Nash told  the New York Post’s Larry Brooks over the weekend. “And, yes, that does include teams in Canada. I’m not excluding that as a possibility.”

While Nash doesn’t identity the Leafs outright, I think we can all draw our own conclusions here. Realistically, the only hope for a Cup in Canada this year is the Leafs, the Winnipeg Jets or the Calgary Flames. Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver have all had disastrous seasons and were out effectively out of the race by Christmas. If Nash is going to win a Cup in Canada it’ll be with the Leafs, Jets or Flames.

Having said all that, it’s clear how disappointed Nash is in being forced to move on. 

The big winger from Brampton, Ontario has been with the Rangers  since 2012 and was instrumental in the team’s Stanley Cup Final run in 2014. Aside from the Leafs, Nash has been linked to the Boston Bruins, Nashville Predators and Dallas Stars.