New team enters Karlsson sweepstakes with solid pitch!

When everyone has been focusing on Tavares, Karlsson gets back in trade chatter!

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While everyone is focusing on pending free agent John Tavares and where he will sign on July 1st, it seems to have taken some heat off the Ottawa Senators and the chaotic situation that took place at the beginning of the month between captain Erik Karlsson, and now former forward Mike Hoffman. 

A series of allegations made by the wife of captain Erik Karlsson against teammate Mike Hoffman’s fiancée did threaten to upend the team’s dressing room, which then caused the Senators to move Hoffman to the San Jose Sharks, who then shipped him to the Florida Panthers. While everyone thought the situation was now dealt with and the fan base could focus on a positive rebuild surrounding the star blue liner, it now seems like he is back at the centre of trade rumors. 

On Sunday, Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman's 31 Thoughts podcast came up and revealed a new team entering the sweepstakes for Karlsson. While most of the league is focused on where Tavares will sign, it seems like the Dallas Stars are seriously looking to land Karlsson. 

“One last thing too: Dallas, in addition to the whole Tavares thing, there’s a couple of teams who think that they are – and we don’t know if they’ll get Tavares – but there’s a couple of teams who think they are one of the stealth clubs on Karlsson – Erik,” said Friedman. “… I’ve heard that they are one of the teams that’s kind of looking around there.”

Karlsson is headed into the final season of his contract, and would be eligible to sign an extension with the Senators as early as July 1. The Senators could feel discouraged if ever Karlsson refuses to talk extension now and could seriously look at making a blockbuster trade for their captain. Dorion said he would table an eight-year contract extension offer to Karlsson on July 1, but Karlsson might not last that long in the nation's capital... 

The Vegas Golden Knights remain the most interested team in landing Karlsson's services, however, the Stars seem ready to put up a good fight. The Senators were reportedly deep into discussions with Vegas on Karlsson as late as 10 or 15 minutes before the 3 p.m. deadline. However, the Stars could have the last word this time around. 

Yeah, the Karlsson watch is back on.