NHL captain calls out his own team after embarrassing performance.

NHL captain calls out his team.

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The Columbus Blue Jackets suffered an embarrassing defeat to the Edmonton Oilers last week, losing 7 to 2, and it was obvious right away the team was very disappointed with themselves. In fact head coach John Tortorella refused to give any comments after that game. 

The Blue Jackets responded with a hard fought 6 to 4 victory over the New York Islanders a few nights later but that win was quickly followed by a disappointing 2 to 1 loss to the Hurricanes on the week-end. The stage was set for another big bounce back game for the Blue Jackets.

Instead they came out on Monday night with another lackluster performance, eventually falling to the Bruins 7 to 2. In fact if it wasn't for a pair of third period goals, this game would have seemed like even more of a blowout. It was perhaps the most embarrassing loss of the season for Columbus, and captain Nick Foligno wasn't afraid to let his team know in front of the cameras.

"Just a really, really disappointing game for a team that usually finds a way to answer," said the veteran captain. "That's what I'm most disappointed about. You know, you chalk it up to a loss and get ready for the next one, but we're always a team that prides ourselves on - after a tough loss we come back and we answer right away. And tonight we didn't, and we did it the wrong way the whole game."

Foligno was interested in cliche answers or making excuses, he summed up the performance of his team with one brutal line. 

"We failed miserably."