NHL executive reveals how the league messed up and fans are getting robbed!

The NHL has been caught red-handed!

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The National Hockey League is a success on its own.  25 years ago, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman took on the leading position and since, the league with 24 teams has grown to 31.  It is also went from generating about $400 million of revenue annually to now pocket close to $5 billion. Back when he started, the league was without a television deal in the United States and now, it guarantees every playoff game is now available for viewers.

In all, it’s pretty impressive. However, there are tons of projects that are being made in collaboration with the NHL, and yet, the marketing approcach is so poorly executed that fans are being robbed of great entertainment. 

ESPN’s Quest For The Cup has been available for fans on ESPN+ and sometimes on YouTube as well. It is a behind-the-scenes documentary and each week since May 4, Quest for the Stanley Cup goes on the ice, in dressing rooms, inside the minds of the players and coaches and everywhere in between to give viewers an all-access pass during the high-stakes Stanley Cup Playoffs and the pursuit of the Stanley Cup -- often thought of as the hardest trophy to win in all of sports. 

"For hockey fans, Quest for the Stanley Cup has become the must-watch complement to the most exciting Playoffs in sports," said NHL Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President Steve Mayer. "There is nothing more meaningful for a player than winning the Stanley Cup. We are thrilled to have ESPN+ serve as the new home of this groundbreaking docuseries."

Sure it is a must watch, but the NHL has done a terrible job telling fans about it. On Saturday evening, NHL players agent Allan Walsh tweeted about the show, and then revealed that he was contacted by an NHL executive who had no idea how to find the show to watch himself. 

“Some great content here on the show no one knows about. So poorly marketed and promoted, its typical NHL.  Braintrust says “let’s put together some timely, compelling behind the scenes content on players and then not tell anyone,” Walsh tweeted on his account. 

Then he posted: “Just received a text from a high level NHL executive - “I work for the league and I don’t know where to find the show.”

The show has indeed revealed some great inside information on players and coaches, and yet, fans are being robbed for not knowing about it. The NHL should probably do a better Jon promoting great shows like ESPN’s Quest For The Cup and surely Bettman would benefit from it. Fans would be more interested in encouraging certain players and then might want to buy a ticket or two to see them in action. 

Think about it Bettman!