NHL fan favourite fails medicals; considers retirement instead?

Uh oh...

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The start of training camp and the season opener just a few weeks away is quite exciting for NHL players and their fa base, however, some veterans are hit by devastating news after completing medicals. 

The Montreal Canadiens announced on Friday that fan favourite Andrew Shaw was still struggling with a knee and head injury and was not been given the green light to return from both his knee surgery and concussion. However, head coach Claude Julien made sure to specify that Shaw was not dealing with post-concussion symptoms anymore… 

Shaw, who has a history of concussions, was once very vocal about the head injuries he suffered during the 2016 post-season. In an interview with Sportsnet‘s Eric Engels, he revealed the extent of some of his symptoms saying adding he’d wake up in the middle of the night puking and worried if there was something really wrong with him: 

“I wasn’t sleeping right. My emotions were all out of whack; I’d be happy, angry, sad, irritated, anxiety — stuff I’d never experienced before… I was in my room in my house for a month in the dark with depression issues, being sad and miserable. My anxiety was through the roof.”

Now, many questions arise. The first one concerns Shaw himself: should he retire from hockey?  Shaw once revealed to French media in Montreal that he would consider retiring if he sustained another concussion…  and that was before he ended the 2017-18 season with one! 

The Canadiens did not give more details on the condition of Shaw and if he would return in time for the end of camp, preseason contests or even the season opener. The Habs kick off the 2018-19 season against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Oct. 3. 

We will hope to get more encouraging news on Shaw’s status before then… We are sure some of his previous statements on potential retirement are circling in his head, especially now that Shaw is a father… 

Shaw’s wife, Chaunette Boulerice, gave birth to their first child on June 18, a girl named Andy. Shaw recently told The Montreal Gazette his daughter helps him face recovery, and she could have a major impact of his decision and his future in the NHL.