NHL fines Oilers’ Talbot for obscenity laced tirade

In case you missed it, the Oilers goaltender went OFF on the NHL this past weekend...

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The NHL has fined Edmonton Oilers goaltender Cam Talbot an undisclosed amount of money for his postgame comments from Saturday evening in which he taunted the league and begged to be fined:

UPDATE: Talbot has not yet been fined, but according to Sportsnet analyst John Shannon, the ruling is expected to come down shortly:

For those who missed it, Talbot’s rant was a thing of pure beauty. It was raw emotion in the moment. Something we’re not used to seeing too often out of calculated professional athletes. 

Check it out:

Thank you, Cam. Thank you for saying what all us fans are thinking! The NHL, and its officials, have made it clear that they have no clue what exactly constitutes goaltender interference. The definition seems to change on a night basis… sometimes even within a game, depending on the circumstances. 

If the league continues to bungle things so badly when it comes to goalie interference, don’t be surprised if more goaltenders start speaking out like Talbot did this past weekend. With the intensity the games ramping up down the stretch drive and into the playoffs, every single goal matters. You can bet that players are going to be “crashing the net” more than usual, potentially creating more incidents. The NHL better be ready.

As for Talbot, it’s obvious that he’s sick of not only goalie interference, but he’s just done with the entire 2017-18 season. The 30-year-old netminder has struggled with consistency this season, he’s been made to face the media after tough losses all season long and it’s clear that the team’s struggles are wearing on him. 

His 3.12 GAA and .903 save percentage this season pale to last season’s totals. Worse yet, he has just half of his win totals from a year ago.