NHL insider ruthlessly blames management for one disastrous situation!

There is no holding back here!

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The loss of the Winnipeg Jets to the Vegas Golden Knights during the Eastern Conference finals made history for the latter, however, it sent bad news all across Canada as one major humiliating fact came clear. It meant these exact fans will have to wait another year to see if one of the seven Canadian hockey teams can win the Stanley Cup.

The Jets were the final team from Canada - just one of two to begin with along with the Toronto Maple Leafs - in the running for the prestigious trophy, but they were eliminated on Sunday in five games by the Golden Knights. The last time a Canadian hockey team won a Stanley Cup was in 1993 when the Montreal Canadiens won against the Los Angeles Kings.

It's funny when for years, Canadian players went around proudly claiming they were the best. Now, of course, there are many Canadian players on winning clubs - take for example Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby or his former goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury, who is still in the fight to bring the Cup home. However, it would be nice for a Canadian team to win the championship. 

According to NHL insider and rumour specialist Lyle Richardson of Spector Hockey, there is one group of people to blame; and they all have the same job. 

In his latest column on My NHL Rumors, Richardson points the finger at the managers of the Canadian teams, especially the ones that couldn't even manage to land a spot in the postseason. We meant you: Edmonton Oilers' Peter Chiarelli, Calgary Flames' Brad Treliving, Ottawa Senators' Pierre Dorion, Montreal Canadiens' Marc Bergevin and Vancouver Canucks' Jim Benning. 

"Mismanagement, however, is the biggest factor {for missing out on the playoffs}. Over the past 25 years, a succession of general managers either did a poor job of building or maintaining Cup-contending rosters," explains bluntly Richardson before giving an in-depth analysis of the five teams who missed out on the postseason this spring. 

Fans have been quite vocal, especially in Edmonton and Montreal, since both teams were amongst potential contenders in the past season. This goes without mentioning that Bergevin is supposed to have the best goaltender in Carey Price, and Chiarelli can count on one of the best players in the game in captain Connor McDavid. 

Richardson blames general managers, who better answer with conclusive intelligent changes in the next season.