NHL owner solicits fans for new team logo

This is crazy! Tweet him your ideas!

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To say that Carolina Hurricanes owner does things a little differently is the understatement of the year. From the moment Dundon became majority owner of the team in January, 2018 the brash billionaire has done things his own way.

In one of his first orders of business Dundon unceremoniously fired general manager and franchise icon Ron Francis and then reportedly missed out on hiring a suitable replacement because of the paltry salary that he was offering. In the end Dundon elected to promote longtime NHL GM Don Waddell from his position as assistant GM. Dundon also canned head coach Bill Peters and replaced him with assistant coach Rod Brind-Amour in another suspected cost saving measure. Again, Dundon does things his own way and if you've got a problem with it, well... let's just say that you probably won't be sticking around PNC Arena for too long.

Now, Dundon is bucking the usual route once again when it comes his hockey team. Feeling that his team needs a fresh new look, Dundon took to social media platform Twitter to solicit fans for some ideas. Say what!?

Check it out:

Hey Canes fans, I think we need a third logo. We’d love to see it on a shirt this year. Tweet me your ideas.

Of course, the trolls couldn’t help but take the bait. Check out the top reply to Dundon’s request:

You just KNEW that a Nordiques relocation joke was coming… and, to be honest, this Nordiques re-design is pretty cool looking. The Hurricanes could definitely do worse.

Of course, we ALL know that the best possible third jersey and alternate logo exists for the Hurricanes franchise already… it’s called the HARTFORD WHALERS!!!

Come on, Dundon! Embrace this team's past! If you really want to “disrupt” the NHL landscape, throw it back old school and go with the mighty Whale! Fans will eat it up and I guarantee that Whalers merchandise will absolutely FLY off the shelves in not only North Carolina, but around the globe. Your move, Hurricanes fans. Do everything you can to flood Dundon’s feed with Whalers requests. You know what to do.