NHL player's girlfriend has been receiving threats and harassment from his own fans.

Please don't be like this hockey fans.

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The girlfriend of a National Hockey League player has just made a very disturbing revelation.

Francesca Vangel, the girlfriend of Edmonton Oilers forward Patrick Maroon, published a message on social media revealing that she had been receiving threats and harassment following Maroon' hit on Los Angeles Kings superstar Drew Doughty.

Vangel says fans have "wished the worst harm" upon her and her family over the hit, but perhaps what is the most shocking part of her revelation is regarding which fan base all the threats are coming from. 

While you would expect fans of the Los Angeles Kings to be the likely culprits, given that Maroon was suspended two games for his hit to the head of Doughty, Vangel claims it's actually Oilers fans who have gone out of their way to harass her and her loved ones. 

I can't possibly fathom why an Oilers fan would be so outraged at the hit from Maroon that he would feel the need to lash out at his girlfriend of all things, If Vangel is indeed telling the truth however, and we have no reason to suggest she would feel the need to lie about something so heinous, it appears that is indeed the case. 

You can see her message in full, as well as the hit that has caused all the controversy, below.