NHL Players Association excluded from crucial meeting!

This could hinder CBA negotiations in the future...

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During the All-Star break weekend in Tampa Bay at the end of January, the NHL met with its officials, coaches and general managers about one of the hottest topic in the league this season: goalie interference. 

Goaltender interference controversies have become commonplace in the NHL and since the meeting, fans and reporters remain confused as it's becoming increasingly difficult to know what, exactly, is and is not allowed.

But they are not the only ones who are confused. NHL insider Darren Dreger has reported on Tuesday night during the segment of TSN's Insider Trading that the NHL Players’ Association was excluded from the meeting in Tampa Bay and was not happy about it. 

"Now, you’ll recall from the All-Star festivities in Tampa Bay that the league met with its officials, coaches were involved in that meeting and so were general managers, but the Players’ Association, who is well-staffed in Tampa Bay, was excluded from that meeting," Dreger explained. 

The good news is that the NHL Players’ Association has finally gotten involved this week on talks on goaltender interference might be able to move forward on this controversial topic. 

"They’re not happy with [getting excluded from the meeting], but they’re okay with the clarification they received today."

It is a fact that many players are getting frustrated with the calls and non-calls. Earlier in the week, several Winnipeg Jets players spoke out against officials’ decision to allow a goal despite netminder Connor Hellebuyck getting slashed in the mask.

Fans also remember some of the league's biggest stars taking a jab at officials following shocking calls. 

You better believe the conversation will keep going until the end of the season, but now at least for the player, the NHLPA is part of it.