NHL rival team mocks and humiliates Flames head coach!

Gulutzan lost it during practice, but he looks even more like a fool now!

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Calgary Flames head coach Glen Gulutzan went nuts on his team on Friday, as he went on about badly the club was practicing - and let's just say - he used very powerful words to let his players know he was frustrated. 

So powerful, it almost blew up the internet as the video of his tirade went viral. The coach laid into the players with a stick-tossing profanity-laced tirade and dropped the F-bomb so many times it's almost deadly...

You see it, the stick goes flying into the stands, but fortunately no one was injured. But the humiliation and mockery that ensued might hurt the Flames and their head coach just a bit. 

On Saturday, before the contest between the Flames and the Anaheim Ducks, the latter team's Twitter account took to the web to poke fun at Gulutzan and his tirade - to of course, make sure he was still looking like a fool before the matchup. 

After the morning's skate, they wanted everyone to know that no sticks had been harmed during the practice.

And if ever you were wondering what happened to the poor stick who went flying into the stands on Friday, it was revealed that Gulutzan managed to retrieve it once his fit was over. 

Despite a ton of young talent, the Flames are having offensive lethargy. They currently sit 22nd with just 112 goals on the season, just under three goals per game - which clearly isn't enough for Gulutzan... 

The Flames are currently sitting three points out of the last Wild Card spot, with a 20-16-4 record worth 44 points. They were able to win 4-3 against the Los Angeles Kings on Thursday night, but they will need to have more in the tank to make the playoff push. 

And will also need to have enough for tonight's game against the Ducks, who are obviously ready to attack on the ice (and on Twitter!)