NHL superstar found guilty of dangerous driving, fined more than $50,000

Ouch! That hurts the wallet! Slow down, bud!

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According to a Finnish language report from Ilta Sanomat, a tabloid style newspaper from Finland, Florida Panthers forward Aleksander Barkov has been found guilty of endangering the safety of traffic. Barkov was reportedly traveling in excess of 100 km per hour in a 60 km per hour zone and because speeding tickets are based on a percentage of annual income in Finland, Barkov is on the hook for a MASSIVE $54,000 USD ticket.

Check it out:

Here’s the full report courtesy of Ilta Sanomat, translated from Finnish to English:

The NHL Pirkanmaa District Court has condemned the safety of the Finnish NHL star Aleksander Barkov. In July, Aleksander Barkov drove by a police cruiser who clocked the NHL superstar going 58 km over the speed limit on his way to Kangasala.
The speed limit was 60 kilometers per hour, but Barkov had a speed of 105 kilometers per hour. He had a passenger in the vehicle.
The District Court sentenced Barkov to a 25 day suspension, which earned him 46 675 euros penalty. In addition, he must pay the $40 crash fee.
The 22-year-old Barkov pleaded guilty and waived his or her right to an oral hearing, which was the subject of a written procedure.
Barkov, a leading forward at the top of the NHL, is in the Florida Panthers. His annual salary is $ 5.9 million, or 5.1 million euros today. Barkov's six-year contract, which expires in 2022, has a total value of over EUR 30 million.
The verdict is not yet final.

Ouch… I don’t care how much money you make, a $50,000 speeding ticket has got to hurt. For what it’s worth, if Barkov made the same infraction in Florida, he’d likely be looking at about a $900 fine and higher insurance premiums. Sure, that still hurts but it’s a Hell of a lot better than a $50k ding! Again… ouch.

Thankfully, Barkov should have no problem paying his debt to society. The big Finn inked a six year, $35.4 million contract with the Panthers back in 2016 and earns a cool $5.9 million per season. Barkov, selected 2nd overall by the Panthers back in 2013, had 27 goals and 78 points in 79 games for the Panthers last season.