NHL team announces nine different jerseys for 2018-19 season

Say what!? This is crazy!

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In honor of their upcoming 25th anniversary season, the Anaheim Ducks have announced that they’ll wear nine (9!!!) different uniforms in 2018-19. In total, almost every uniform that the team has worn during its 25 year history will be on display.

Check it out:

They’ll of course be wearing the “vintage” purple Mighty Ducks jerseys, but it’s the Wild Wing jerseys and the plum and teal variation that has old school Ducks fans particularly pump up.

Check out this jersey lineup, with descriptions of each uniform courtesy of the Ducks' official website below:

Original Mighty Ducks Jersey


The original official team colors and logo were unveiled on June 7, 1993, and Mighty Ducks merchandise was immediately propelled into one of the top sellers in all of professional sports. Plum, jade, silver and white were chosen as the team's colors while a distinctive crest featuring a duck headshaped hockey mask was chosen to give the franchise a unique identity. As a testament to the logo's popularity, the Ducks original jersey was named the "most fashionable" in all of sports at the inaugural ESPY awards in 1997. The jersey was not only the No. 1 seller in the NHL that year, but it outsold all other NHL jerseys combined.


Wild Wing 'Breakout' Jersey


The Mighty Ducks' first-ever third jersey - featuring a cartoon Wild Wing breaking through ice - became part of franchise lore, despite the fact it was worn in only three games. (Ironically, the Ducks won two of those games, 4-2 over the Dallas Stars and 5-1 over the St. Louis Blues but lost 5-4 to the Kings in LA.) 


Nike Third Jerseys


Nike introduced home and road third jerseys featuring striping across the chest and sleeves as well as a switch from plum to black pants. Both looks lasted into the 1999-2000 season, after which the franchise dropped the third jersey and returned to plum pants.


Reebok Script Third Jerseys


The NHL signed a contract with Reebok to produce all team jerseys, a deal that lasted through the 2016-17 campaign. The Mighty Ducks introduced a new black and plum third jersey with an "old-time hockey" look that featured horizontal stripes, a lace up neck, the absence of the signature teal and "Anaheim" spelled out in script font across the chest.


Personally, we're partial to the original Mighty Ducks uniforms, if only because it's fun to take a trip into nostalgia every now and again.

For the full lineup of jerseys and the schedule of when they'll be worn, read below: