NHL team announces they’re bringing back vintage jerseys/logo for 2018-19

Yes! Love it!

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The Vancouver Canucks have announced that they’ll bring back the vintage “flying skate” logo and jersey popularized in the 1990s for their 50th anniversary season in 2018-19.

The Canucks held a fan vote to determine which third jersey the team would wear in 2018-19, with the Flying Skate winning over 70% of the vote. The “Flying V” and the “Original Orca” lost out in the vote.

From the Canucks’ official website:

We’ve got big plans for the #Canucks 50th season in 2019.20 and it all started with this classic jersey vote. An overwhelming *70%* of you chose the Flying Skate jersey to be worn in select games throughout our special year. It’s back by popular demand!

Again, from the Canucks’ official website:

In 1985, for the first time in franchise history, Vancouver added ‘Canucks’ to its logo. The design featured a skate on a diagonal slant with Canucks worked into the blade; the jersey retained the Flying V colours of yellow, orange and black. The “Flying Skate” connected with fans from its unveiling. The Canucks wore this jersey until 1997, and as a result of the run to the Stanley Cup Final in 1993-94, it remains beloved by most fans.

Of course, most fans associate the Flying Skate with the 90s Canucks represented by Trevor Linden, Pavel Bure and Kirk McLean. It’s a jersey that wasn’t particularly revered at the time, but nostalgia has given it a whole new lease on life.

The Canucks actually brought the look back for a few games during the 2016-17 season, most notably in a Saturday night game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Check it out:

The Canucks, maybe more than any other team in the NHL, of course have an extensive uniform history. They broke into the league wearing their current blue and green color scheme, sporting the classic "Stick in Rink" logo, before completely abandoning the look and going with the infamous Flying V "logo" with a red, yellow and black color scheme. The Flying V gave way to the Flying Skate for two decades, before the team switched yet again to the Orca logo in navy, maroon and silver. The Orca has stuck around, but the team reverted back to their original colors in 2007.