NHL to make surprising change to video review rules!

This is unexpected...

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During the all-star weekend, NHL Hockey Operations director Colin Campbell hosted a spontaneous meeting with the four coaches, the on-ice officials, some general managers in town and a few others in the hockey operations department regarding certain aspects of the review process. 

And now, it is believed that the NHL could soon be placing time limitations on referees when reviewing plays. 

“During that meeting on Saturday … It was discussed the possibility of one way of executing [reviews] in the future is limiting the amount of time referees could look at the [tablet] and review these things,” explained Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston on Hockey Central.

There has been many negative reactions to goaltender interference reviews have resulted in the NHL sending out a memo instructing officials to “not look at this so finely when they’re looking at the video,” said Johnston. We all remember the controversial call on Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews, or the frustration felt and clearly demonstrated by Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid

For now the league's memo might be enough to calm the constant criticism fuelled by lengthy review processes, but Johnston believes the idea of a time limitation might be included in the near future. 

As we get into the GM meetings in a month and a half time or so I expect that that is an idea that is revisited and perhaps something we see instituted down the road.”

Do you believe that's a good idea?