NHL urged to avoid Quebec City potential team owner in shocking twist of events!

This could mean the end of the Nordiques - for good!

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Quebec City is still sitting with a ready to go arena, ownership and a “deferred” expansion application from the last expansion go-around, looking to land a team in the next seasons. 

Unfortunately for potential NHL owner in Quebec City, politician and Quebecor CEO Pierre-Karl Peladeau, the Vegas Golden Knights ended up grabbing the 31st NHL club over QC in the previous expansion process. The NHL officially delayed Quebec’s expansion application during the last round when Vegas was accepted. 

Since then, there has been a lot to deal with for the potential Nordiques owner, especially when NHL Board of Governors chairman Jeremy Jacobs revealed that according to market studies, based on television ratings and viability, he doesn’t see a NHL team in Quebec City anytime soon. He believes that, once Seattle lands the 32nd team in the league, Houston is more likely to get a professional club than Quebec City. 

However, things have now gotten worse for the man known as PKP... According to the Montreal Gazette, a "TVA minority shareholder is warning the National Hockey League to steer clear of Quebecor CEO Pierre Karl Peladeau as it considers the restoration of the Quebec Nordiques franchise."

The shareholder Luc Proulx, who bravely revealed his name in a letter sent to the league’s board of governors, described Peladeau as “a troublesome individual” who is “currently unfit to become a governor of the NHL, through Quebecor’s ownership of an NHL franchise.”

The whistle blower seems in favour of Quebec City getting a franchise, however he listed a few on Peladeau's recent actions, notably "naming his brother to Quebecor’s board of directors, his six-month-long marriage to Julie Snyder, the brevity of his career in provincial politics and his litigious reputation" as important factors for the NHL to avoid him as potential owner. 

However, Proulx ends his letter by statement that the NHL should only grant Quebecor a franchise when Peladeau “proceeds to the privatization of TVA Group.”

It will be interesting to see if Peladeau fires back at Proulx's accusations. Last week, PKP had to replied to Jacobs' comments following his stance on an expansion team landing in Quebec City. Here is what Peladeau had to say, according to the Journal Le Soleil, as translated from French: 

"I think there is work to be done. We have to explain it to us a little bit. My opinion is that the market, in its conventional definition, must have something other than that. The market is not just ticketing. I think Quebecor, who is the proponent forcer behind this project, is in a position to offer more than just a ticket sales. It's a media company, a telecommunications company, that is able to multiply markets, which leads us to conclude that the conventional definition no longer exists" Peladeau replied. 

"We can consider that Quebec is an important market, but it is not only Quebec and its surroundings. There is the whole of Quebec and the francophone market. And that's how we want to succeed. We actually have work to do to convince those who are the decision makers inside the league and we will continue to do so," Peladeau added. 

This is quite the twist of events, let's see how it affects Quebec City and his process...