NHL veteran gets hacked and has to apologize for the lies

Fans got their hopes up and their hearts broken...

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Former Buffalo Sabres and Montreal Canadiens captain Brian Gionta does not have a contract for the upcoming season, but he is said to be ready to hang up the skates if no National Hockey League team is interested in his services. However, a recent situation made several NHL fans believe that he was coming back and had signed with a club. 

Gionta made it clear on Monday that his Twitter account had been hacked in the recent days, and false information like the fact that the upcoming season was going to be his best to come. There were also posts made that enticed people to send him a direct message to get free promotions. On what? It wasn't mentioned. 

On Monday, Gionta took back the control of his account and apologized for the inconvenient to all of his followers. Fans will be sorry to know that he did not receive a contract from an NHL team at the moment. 

"My account has been hacked for the last couple weeks so please disregard anything that has come out! I’ve finally been able to get it back. Sorry."

The 39-year-old is still an unrestricted free agent, just like he was at this time last year. Last season he played for the United States at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, where he was captain, then returned to the NHL to play a total of 20 games with the Boston Bruins after signing with them a day before the trade deadline on Feb. 25.

Gionta said he's looking forward to focusing on his family, after they have spent years focusing on him and his extremely successful NHL career. However, he did need to take a closer look at his Twitter account, and might want to focus just a little on that, to make sure he does not get hacked again and give false hopes to his many fans out there. 

If Gionta's NHL career is indeed over, he will have a lot to be proud of: 595 points (291 goals, 304 assists) in 1,026 NHL regular-season games, with another 68 points (32 goals, 36 assists) in the playoffs and his name engraved on the Stanley Cup with the New Jersey Devils in 2002-03.