Oilers fans demand that two players get traded!

They are not budging... but the Oilers aren't either.

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The Edmonton Oilers fan base has been dealing with a lot since the start of the regular calendar back in October, and is still recovering from the horrible season its club underwent. From playoffs dream to down in the gutter... There are a few steps in a grieving process: Denial - and we have seen it with captain Connor McDavid still trying in February to stir the ship back into position to make the postseason. Then, there is anger, and yes, the fans were there, criticizing the moves made by general manager Peter Chiarelli at the trade deadline and since he took over in Edmonton. 

Then comes the bargaining. And this might be what we are seeing now. 

According to David Staples of the Edmonton Journal, fans keep sending him messages, demanding that the Oilers and GM Chiarelli get going on the market and place two veteran players on the block. Staples has revealed that the Oilers fan base wants to see forward Milan Lucic and defenseman Andrej Sekara on the trade block sooner rather than later. 

However, Staples seems to be bringing them closer to the fourth stage of grief, by telling them that unfortunately these moves will not be taking place. 

"I can't count the number of trade proposals I hear from Oilers fans around Lucic and Sekera. 

A) Both have No Movement Clauses. 

B) Both have massive negative value due to poor performance, pay and term. 

 They are NOT moving."

Lucic signed a long-term lucrative deal back in the summer of 2016, and the Oilers are already regretting it. The gritty forward managed just 10 goals and 34 points despite playing in every game. As for Sekera, he is expected to be a returning defenseman, despite just taking part in 36 games this season. He started the action late, missing the Oilers’ first 34 games of the season, because of a torn ACL, which required surgery. He then suffered a facial injury in February and missed some time then too, for quite the injury-riddled season... 

The Oilers surely need a sense of urgency in fixing what went wrong last year, but it seems that the fans' suggestions will not be the ultimate solutions for Chiarelli and management. It seems that they are more inclined to hunt big and potentially move their first round, 10th overall pick, in this summer's NHL Entry Draft.