One team's trio of star players gone in a flash in the coming months?!

Will their three top players be gone?

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Trade chatter and speculations often seem like one National Hockey League team could be experiencing an important change, however this latest rumour feels like this could be one terrible blow to a specific club during the upcoming season... And let's just say the Ottawa Senators have dealt with quite a bit already when it comes to trade chatter and ongoing speculations... 

Now, a new rumour has the Canadian team losing more than it can handle. According to Chris Stevenson of The Athletic the fact that the Sens are currently "mired in uncertainty" with players such as defenseman Erik Karlsson and forwards Matt Duchene and Mark Stone eligible for unrestricted free agent status next July. And you know what it means... 

While fans may think that Stone will remain with the club because he avoided arbitration by signing a one year deal for $7.3 million, Stevenson points out that the Senators can’t talk about an extension with him until Jan. 1. And, by then, it might be too late.

When it comes to Duchene and Karlsson, there is simply no progress there. The clock is ticking, however, this trio of stars players on the Senators' lineup could be gone in a flash by the next trade deadline. 

What may be more stressful for the fan base is the fact that head coach Guy Boucher does not seemed fazed by the management's lack of progress with its star players, especially Karlsson. I guess when you have nothing good to say about something, it's better to keep quiet... In the meantime, general manager Pierre Dorion preferred to focus on the season to come and on the (few) positive elements they can hold on to... 

“We have a good game plan,” Dorion said at the draft where the Senators made wing Brady Tkachuk the No. 4 pick. “We’re very confident that we’re going to be a vastly improved hockey team next year and we look forward to the season starting with the addition of hopefully that fourth pick in the lineup.

“I don’t want to tip our hand too much, but we have a good plan in place. We feel comfortable that we’ll be able to produce enough goals to definitely challenge for a playoff spot. At the same time with our meetings with Guy at the end of the year, we’re going to change how we do some things, how we play, and we’re confident with those changes that we’re going to be a really good hockey team that will score more goals.”

However, for now, no one seems to be thinking about the most important question of all: Will their three top players be gone?

You can maybe decide on the answer yourself by looking at Stevenson's complete analysis of the season to come in Ottawa here