Outraged fans demand that Marchand be suspended!

The NHL’s biggest pest was up to his old tricks again last night… any chance of suspension?

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Game 3 of the series between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins was quite different from the first two contests. Following the first two games of their first-round series against the Bruins, fans feared the Leafs were completely out of it, but Toronto offered them a great comeback as they beat Boston 4-2 on Monday night. Now, we have a series. The result and the Leafs' performance might have been different, but in this series, one thing will never change: Brad Marchand will always be Brad Marchand. 

So far in this series, Marchand has tallied one goal and five assists, and has only put up two penalty minutes. He has however been catching the attention of fans with his classic antics, such as the one he pulled off during Game 1 as he licked the face of Leafs forward Leo Komarov during play. We are kind of relieved Komarov had to sit out of last night's game - we can only imagine what Marchand might have tried to do to him... 

However, it did not stop Marchand to do his usual tricks and play a borderline dirty game. The Leafs had a scare when Andreas Johnsson left the game in the third period after a collision with Marchand. And not the cleanest of collision to say the least. 

Following the hit, outraged fans on social media demanded that Marchand get a suspension for his ongoing carelessness on the ice and dangerous actions. Some of you may think they are overreacting, but it came after the Bruins controversial forward also tried to butt end goalie Frederik Andersen during the game, and swung his stick at Leafs' Morgan Reilly after the whistle... which got fans going even more. Take a look at everything that took place in the contest: 

Marchand met with media after the 4-2 loss and had a short explanation for the team's performance. 

"First couple games we had a couple bounces go our way, tonight we didn't," Marchand said to reporters in the dressing room after the game. "That's hockey."

However, his the game Marchand playing hockey? You have to admit that if his antics are outraging fans across the National Hockey League, they are doomed to frustrated the Maple Leafs as well. And while the NHL's Player Safety department is not suspending him, Marchand remains a key player in this series, and will keep doing what he is doing best.