Ovechkin spends his bye week unlike any other NHL player...

Ovechkin's recent activities prove he is not the same player!

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Alex Ovechkin leads the league in goals and is one of the game’s greatest players, with his 28 goals in 45 games so far this season. The Washington Capitals are now on the league's mandated bye week and most fans have to wonder does the Great 8 spends his days off now that he is a veteran in the game. 

Ovechkin, like many of his teammates, traveled down south and visited a tropical locale, this time around, in Miami. A quiet location to unwind, maybe party and let loose. 

No. Think again. 

Instead of taking a dip in the ocean or drinking some cold drinks with his toes in the sand, the Russian sniper fed seagulls on the beach.

Not kidding. 

After taking care of the birds on the beach, Ovechkin then went to his favorite retail store, Bed Bath and Beyond, with his wife. Ignoring signs that forbid people from sitting on the beds, Ovi took his shoes off and literally made himself at home.

Why not? It is exhausting to be an NHL superstar after all...

The couple was with Ovi's brother, who traveled with the Ovechkins for the break. Other NHL players were seen on beaches, and taking the time to party and let loose during the five-day pause, but Ovi has become more mature and preferred to relax with his loved ones. 

We will see if he will return as good, or even better than he was before the break, and if so, you bet he will continue to feed seagulls and try new beds in retail stores in next year's bye week.