Ovi, the Caps and the Stanley Cup party with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner in DC

No word yet on whether or not Putin got his invite…

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That past 72 hours have been an absolute blur for Alexander Ovechkin and his Washington Capitals teammates. Since arriving back from Las Vegas on Friday morning, Ovi and the Capitals have seemingly been partying non-stop at just about every establishment in the Washington D.C. area, of course with the Stanley Cup in tow for the whole adventure. 

Here’s a quip recap of Ovi and Stanley’s travels the past 72 hours courtesy of the Washington Post’s Jacob Bogage:

Since winning the Stanley Cup on Thursday night, the Capitals’ party hasn’t ended. They partied hard overnight and into Friday morning on the Las Vegas Strip. They partied Friday on the flight back to Dulles, and then at a bar in Clarendon.
They showed up at Nationals Park on Saturday to a boisterous crowd, then sat in a sky box and drank beers for nine innings. Then they made it to Georgetown, Cup in tow, and the revelry continued.
Apparently, the Capitals have had quite a bit to drink. And they have good reason to celebrate. They dislike shirts. They like fountains. They’re in favor of partying with the general public.

The Capitals eventually ended up at Cafe Milano, a popular DC area club, where they partied with fans and met up with Ivanka Trump, daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Say what!? Just look:

What a world… Alex Ovechkin is a Stanley Cup champion and Ivanka Trump is the daughter of the President of the United States of America. Strange times. Strange times, indeed. 

No word yet on whether or not Ivanka and Jared received a champagne or beer shower courtesy of Ovechkin and friends, but we're willing to bet that the Secret Service wouldn't take too kindly to such a thing. Just a guess though...

On Tuesday, the Caps and the Cup will proudly march down Constitution Ave in a Stanley Cup parade that will culminate in a huge rally at the National Mall. The parade is free and open to the public, but guests are being asked to take the Metro or ride share as parking will be extremely limited in and around the parade route.