Pacioretty’s agent calls out Habs' GM Bergevin

Things are getting ugly in Montreal!

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What a weird, strange trip it’s been for Max Pacioretty and the Montreal Canadiens this week. In case you missed it, here’s what has happened in chronological sequence:

  • Pacioretty hosts an annual charity golf tournament where he admits that things have been “difficult” between himself and management.
  • Eric Engels of The Athletic reported that Habs general manager Marc Bergevin had a deal in place at the 2018 NHL Entry Draft that would have seen Pacioretty moved to the Los Angeles Kings, before Pacioretty himself stepped in to veto the deal. 
  • Kings assistant GM Luc Robitaille refuted the report, saying that negotiations never reached that point.
  • CBC Radio Canada’s Martin Leclerc reports that Pacioretty has formally requested to be traded.

Now, as if this rumour couldn’t get any crazier, Pacioretty’s agent Allan Walsh took to social media to put an end to all the speculation and throw Bergevin under the bus in the same breath. Pacioretty did NOT ask for a trade and would sign a long term extension with the club TODAY if presented with one. The entire situation with the Kings is fully on GM Marc Bergevin and NOT on Pacioretty.

Check it out:

Max Pacioretty has stated repeatedly that he loves Montreal and wants to remain in Montreal. To this date, he’s never received any offer from Montreal. You can have 3 sources or 10 sources, how many times does Max have to state that he wants to remain in Montreal long term?
Obvious these “sources” are coming from the club.  Max will always take the high road and repeats again, he is ready to sign an extension with Montreal TODAY.  It was Montreal that traded Max to LA at the draft and it was a DONE DEAL subject to Max signing an extension with LA.

Wow… WHO to believe? One thing’s for sure, the Montreal media has taken this job and just run with it. We also know that both Bergevin and Walsh have a history of negotiating in public via the media, so perhaps there's some gamesmanship afoot? Either way... good luck, Patches. Hopefully you and Walsh can pry yourself free from that toxic environment. Yikes.