Pacioretty's latest offer leaked; things turn for the worse in Montreal!

GM Marc Bergevin has to come to terms with this:

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The past few weeks must have been hell for Montreal Canadiens captain and top forward Max Pacioretty. And usually, before things can get better, they usually take a turn for the worse... 

On Wednesday, Los Angeles Kings insider Dennis Bernstein was on Montreal's TSN 690 and revealed that Canadiens had agreed on a six-year contract, $48 million contract extension with Pacioretty but the discussions fell apart, and they were going to trade him to the Kings. However, during the draft weekend, it appeared that the deal fell through. 

“Intention was to sign Pacioretty to extension and then trade. As we’ve said consistently, no team was ever granted permission to talk to former or current agent at that time. At some point, things broke down.”

Pacioretty carries a $5 million salary entering the last year of his deal, and made a trade of his own that weekend when he fired agent Pat Brisson, and took on Allan Walsh's services. 

However, it remains to be seen if the Habs and their captain will be able to reach an agreement this season on a contract extension. We have been going back and forth on a potential Pacioretty trade, that now, there seems to be a major problem in the mix. GM Marc Bergevin needs to realize Pacioretty’s trade value is not as high as he believed it to be. 

Yeah, things are getting ugly. However, isn't it time for both sides to come to an agreement? Pacioretty could always be put back on the block during the next trade deadline, to make sure the Habs don't lose him for nothing, like the New York Islanders ended up doing with their captain John Tavares. However, if Pacioretty cannot put up numbers to make his trade value increase, the Canadiens might end up trading him for worse than what they could this summer. 

Given their current direction and roster changes the Habs appear to be going in, it does make some sense to try to mend things with Pacioretty and sign him to a long-term deal.

The Canadiens are expected to, once again, have a ton of cap space next summer - but until they do something with that money, it doesn't give anything to be happy about that fact. Young players are making their way up, but with star goalie Carey Price and veteran defenseman Shea Weber in the roster - the Habs are not in a rebuilding mode. 

So, what's next for Pacioretty? We are pretty sure, he will hear his name amongst trade chatter next season too...