Panic in Vegas following GM McPhee's worrisome comments...

Uh oh...

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You know when you think of something and have that weird sinking feeling in your gut that things won't go well.. Yeah, let's just say that feeling occurred since Vegas Golden Knights general manager George McPhee commented the offseason and the important moves that still need to be done. 

On Friday, the Golden Knights announced that they had signed star goalie Marc-Andre Fleury to a three-year contract extension. While the good news was comforting to many, it did not last. 

According to a previous analysis offered by NBC Sports, the Golden Knights and forward William Karlsson have become one of the most difficult and complex contract situations out of the entire restricted free agents group.

It seems like a happy problem in one way for Vegas as the star forward had an outstanding first season with the new NHL franchise. He finished as the NHL’s third-leading goal-scorer with 43 tallies and was a major part of the Golden Knights' postseason success as well. 

However, now with McPhee's latest comments, panic has set in Vegas when it comes to the lack of developments in the situation. According to McPhee himself, as reported by team insider David Schoen on social media, there are no updates on the contract situation with one of the team's best players. 

Karlsson's recent performances justify a significant pay raise over the $1 million salary he made the past two years, however it remains to be seen how committed Vegas will be with one of their best players. They are also tremendously involved in the other Karlsson saga - trying to convince the Ottawa Senators captain to join the team in Vegas in a sign and trade strategy. 

While it sounds very promising for the new expansion team to focus on acquiring the star defender, it simply cannot lose out on their own Karlsson. However, some pundits believe that signing Karlsson to long-term contract is too much of a risky situation for Vegas for now, and this idea might not be seating well with the talented forward... 

Karlsson has managed to prove what he is worth: his 23.4 percent shooting percentage was not only the best mark in the NHL, it was the third-highest mark of any NHL player over the past 20 years, finishing behind only Mike Ribeiro’s 25.2 mark in 2007-08 and Curtis Glencross’ 23.6 in 2011-12.

However, the lack of update in the current situation is making Knights fans panic and hope for things to settle quickly!