Patrick Roy met twice with NHL team to take over as GM!

Is this the right change for the struggling team?

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Any hockey fan has an opinion, that's a given. In Montreal, all Canadiens fan has not only an opinion, but also a better plan in mind to make the team a better club. When Habs owner Geoff Molson finally got the courage to give his vote of confidence to general manager Marc Bergevin, several members of the fanbase were disappointed, confused and even frustrated with the owner's decision.

It's not a front either. NHL insider Elliotte Friedman has recently landed on an internal email that reveals a lot about one of the Canadian team's future going forward with the front office. In his latest 31 Thoughts article on Sportsnet, Friedman revealed the following information: 

"Montreal owner Geoff Molson came out and publicly backed GM Marc Bergevin. It is believed that, at some point this season, Molson sent an internal email to his staff with a similar message of support. It wouldn’t be a surprise, either, if Martin Lapointe’s role grows in the organization, too."

Is Bergevin really the right person in place to stir the ship back into the right direction, to understand and support Carey Price and make the necessary tough choices to become once again a playoff and Stanley Cup contender? 

On the air of CHOI Radio X Quebec, radio show Ian Halperin surprised many on Friday by revealing that, according to his sources, Molson had met with former star goalie and NHL Hall of Famer Patrick Roy, at least twice, during the last few months. Here is what Halperin explained, according to an audio clip from RadioEGO, translated from French: 

"My sources tell me this week, and this is exclusive, that Mr. Molson had private meetings with Patrick Roy.

In the last few weeks. And my sources added that the meetings took place in Montreal. They say that it was the second meeting between the two men. A private meeting and a lot of things were discussed. There might be one or two people aware of the meeting, but I was told the meeting was private between Molson and Roy. 

My source is close to the team, and thought they did not know what was discussed, there is speculation that Molson asked Roy his opinion on how the team needs to be led in the future."

Now, it's hard to say if they will be an imminent change following those meetings. A few weeks ago, several NHL insiders revealed that Molson could be waiting to see if Bergevin can manage to convince New York Islanders captain and star forward John Tavares to come on board. Tavares will be the most coveted free agent on the market if he does not sign a lengthy extension with the Isles, and this could be a make or break chance for Bergevin. 

“So specific to Geoff Molson and his loyalty to Marc Bergevin, I’m going to throw something out there that is probably going to rattle some cages: What if Molson is sitting back and saying, ‘Alright Marc, I hear what you’re saying. I believe in the direction of your want as general manager of the Montreal Canadiens. But if John Tavares is available, if he goes to market, and you don’t find a way to land this guy – then you’ve got a problem. You’ve got a problem', Darren Dreger said on Montreal's TSN 690, as transcribed by FanRag Sports

“I”ve got to believe that that has to be the bigger plan for the Montreal Canadiens. I’m not saying they’re going to get him. I still kind of think even though the days continue to drift by and it seems more likely Tavares tests the open market, if he gets to the open market I think that has to be the all-in game plan of Marc Bergevin. And that’s what Geoff Molson might be counting on.”

Let's see what happens if Bergevin disappoints Molson this summer... Do you think Roy is the right man to take over and save the Habs?