Pens' beat reporter comments on possibility of Letang trade

Can't imagine a Penguins team without Tanger.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins are expected to make a major deal within the next two months, as Jim Rutherford's first two trades this week were only considered the "tip of the iceberg" in terms of what he has planned on the transaction front.

One name that isn't necessarily out there in the rumor mill, but being discussed by fans who are unhappy with his play this year, is Kris Letang.

A reader of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette submitted a question to beat reporter Jason Mackey regarding Letang's potential availability.

"Do you think the Pens are considering trading Letang?" the reader asks. "Would teams be interested and could they still get an incredible haul for him or not, given his past injuries and current play?"

Mackey, a reporter very in tune with the situation in Pittsburgh, shot down the possibility of a trade of this sort ever transpiring, and for good reason.

"I don't ... because of what you mentioned," Mackey responded. "One, it's bad business: trading an asset at its lowest point ... or close to. Two, I question how many suitors are out there, or what the return would be, given his history and current play."

Now, just because Mackey doesn't think it will happen, doesn't mean it couldn't. It's unlikely it ever happens, that's for sure, but if the possibility exists, would you pull the trigger?