Pens coach Sullivan loses it and swears at referee, who ends up changing the call!

The Washington crowd was not happy either...

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Any National Hockey League fan will admit how fun it is to yell at the referees for their bad decision making. However, they will also admit that no one would want to be in their shoes, especially as they officiate an intense series like the one the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals are offering us in the second round. 

On Saturday night during Game 5, just moments after the Penguins tied it up 2-2 in the second period, someone else wanted to yell at the referees and was quite intense with his choice of words. 

Pens head coach Mike Sullivan was furious with the linesman who called a Too Many Men penalty on the defending champions as Dominik Simon headed to the bench. Sullivan lost it and started yelling : “You are F***ing wrong!” at the poor linesman. 

Patric Hornqvist was also visibly upset as he skated to the officials to make sure they reviewed the penalty before sending one Pens player to the box. The game took a break and once action was ready to start back, it was announced that the linesman had made a mistake and that the penalty was now overturned. 

The linesman also apologized to Sullivan and the Penguins’ coaching staff. Sullivan also apologized for getting so upset over the mistaken. We are sure he wanted to get the official’s attention - and he sure did, but he is also now going viral on the internet. 

The funny thing is that Pittsburgh has benefited from four power-play opportunities since the start of the contest...

The Penguins have been criticized - especially by the fan base in Washington - for some controversial decision made by the officiating. At the start of the series between the two rivals there were loads of controversy on one goal that was overturned on the Capitals' favour and one that was scored in a desperate manner by Pens forward Evgeni Malkin. Fans are still talking about the always-entertaining goaltender interferences, and now, with this overturned call tonight, there is a lot more to be said about this series and the referees' roles in it. 

However, let's make sure we keep the discussion G-rated for all to see. Someone should tell coach Sullivan he is on television too!