Pens GM Rutherford rips Flyers fans for reprehensible conduct during Game 6

“I guess some of them have more money than brains,” says the angry general manager.

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In the waning moments of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ 8-5 Game 6 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday evening, hometown Flyers fans pelted the playing surface with beer cans, trash and other debris while the Wells Fargo Center’s ice crew worked feverishly to clean things up so that the game’s officials could drop the puck and finish up the game.

Sidney Crosby was allegedly targeted by angry Flyers fans who threw cans of beer, some of them still full, at the Penguins captain. While Crosby could have no doubt been injured, or worse, by these blatant attacks, he brushed it all off with some good natured humor following the game.

Spoken like a true hockey player. All kidding aside though, this is reprehensible behavior from a minority of Flyers fans. This isn’t what Philly sports is all about, but leave it up to a few bad apples to spoil the whole bunch. 

Crosby’s general manager, Jim Rutherford, wasn’t having ANY of it, however. "I guess some of them have more money than brains," he said following the game, referring to Flyers fans.

“There were frustrated fans,” Rutherford said in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Jason Mackey on Monday morning. “They decided to waste their money and throw some things on the ice that they had already spent money on.”

“I don’t know who they were aiming at,” Rutherford said. “You have players from their home team there. Somebody could have been hurt bad. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Indeed. It doesn’t make any sense… but then again, when you mix sports and alcohol sometimes things don’t make sense. In any case, maybe we should just be happy that no one, on ice or in the crowd, was seriously hurt as a result of these ridiculously stupid actions. The lesson we can take out of this? The Pens versus Flyers rivalry is just as strong as it has ever been. And, sure, the Pens have gotten the best of it in recent years, but with the way that sports works it won’t last forever. Flyers fans will get their day in the sun, let’s just hope that Penguins fans don’t hold the actions of a few bad fans against the entire Flyers fanbase forever. It’s just a game, people…