Phenom hockey player expected to be the next Sidney Crosby or Connor McDavid

He's poised to make hockey history next year - this kid is the real deal.

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Every two or three years, a generational talent enters the NHL draft and instantly changes the make-up of a team for at least the next decade, if not two.

Such generational players include Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, Connor McDavid, and Auston Matthews. Of course, there are others, but for the sake of brevity, these are a few of the biggest ones in recent years.

The next one on the list is Rasmus Dahlin, who is projected to be drafted first overall in the 2018 NHL entry draft.

The next kid that we will be hearing about, but is a long way away from the NHL, is Matthew Savoie.

Currently dominating the CSSBHL, a Canadian bantam hockey league, Savoie is one of the youngest players in the league, and leads the entire league with 74 points in 22 games, as of this moment.

He turned 14 on New Year's Day, and technically isn't available to be drafted into the WHL as he is too young. the CHL, the parent league of the WHL, QMJHL, and OHL, rarely grants exceptional status to young players - occasionally a kid deemed to have extraordinary talent will be admitted into the league at an earlier age than typically allowed. Joe Veleno was the first to be granted this status in the QMJHL, and is expected to be a first round pick this year.

This doesn't always correlate to a solid future. Veleno was expected to be a top 5 pick, but now is projected to fall into the middle of the first round.

Connor McDavid is an example of a player who was granted exceptional status and we all know how that played out.

Savoie's family is considering applying for it in the WHL - and he would become the first to ever get it from that league. 

"He kind of plays the same type of style (as Sidney Crosby) where he's so competitive, fights for pucks and is hard on his stick," ISS hockey scout Brent Parker told CBC.

"I remember watching Nathan MacKinnon in bantam with Shattuck St. Mary's, and there's a little bit of that. I don't think he's quite as explosive a skater as MacKinnon, but he's an awful good skater."

"If they apply for (exceptional status), I'd be shocked if they didn't get it," Parker said. "He's good enough.

"You watch the way he plays and how hard he competes. He's dynamic when he's got the puck on his stick and yet he works hard to get back and play the game at the other end too — there's just not much to not like about the way he plays."

Savoie adds himself that he emulates his game after McDavid's. If he develops into a combination of Crosby and McDavid, he'll be a veritable force at the higher levels of hockey.

He has some time to put it all together, and it will be very interesting to track his career and see how it all plays out.