Player jumps off the ice to avoid fight; goons attack the bench in crazy full-team brawl!

This is BY FAR the craziest fight you'll ever see!

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When the camera kept filming the tall number 7 wearing the red and white jersey, you started to wonder what was going to take place. The large player keeps looking as this opponent, standing at the blue line a few meters from him, who is named McKinnon, and you can smell something is up. 

But you could never imagine it would turn out the way it did. Never. 

As soon as the referee lets go of the puck on the ice, the tall goon skates towards McKinnon to engage in a fight. No wanting any part of this, the poor player has nowhere to go, as he wonders how he can escape the fight that is going to take place. Whether he wants it or not. Without anywhere to go but his team's bench, McKinnon dives off the ice to avoid his opponent. 

But this what not going to stop him. Or any of his teammates for that matter. As soon as McKinnon made it to what he thought would be a safe place, the enforcer follows him on the team's bench with other players, one jumping on the opposite sitting players, to start a crazy nonsense full-team brawl. 

You can see the two goalies going at it on the ice, while madness on the bench is happing. Players are hitting one another wit heavy blows, while the crowd is split with fans screaming to stop the madness, while others encourage the fight to go on. 

You can see the entire incident here: 

At the end of the fight, when referee where finally able to put a stop to it, the story returns to the senseless number 7, with his arms up in the air, happy about his performance in this fight. 

Come to think of it, he looks absolutely ridiculous!