Players rush into the crowd to beat up fan who threw a beer can at them.

Unruly fans get a harsh lesson.

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It should go without saying that if you go watch a sporting event live, you should never throw anything at the players on the ice or on the field. 

A Youtube user captured some incredible footage over the week-end of a wild brawl that took place during a game between the MGR Express of Jonquière and the HCN of Haute Côte-Nord.

The fight however was not between the two teams, but rather between one of the teams and the audience watching the game. Apparently the players were enraged when one of the fans at the game fired a beer can at one of their teammates, causing the players to rush him.

You can see at the start of the video one man takes a heavy beating from the players before falling into the middle of their group and disappearing, presumably the beating continued after that.

As the video goes on you can see numerous members of the crowd rush in and join the fight.