Pornstar Mia Khalifa to undergo surgery following incident at Capitals game

Now HERE’S a story you don’t see everyday…

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According to a report from The New York Post, former pornstar Mia Khalifa will undergo surgery after her left breast was left “deflated” after being struck by a puck at a Washington Capitals playoff game.

Say what!?

Check it out, with quotes direct from Khalifa herself:

“I was sitting behind the glass during a game, and it came shooting over the glass and it caught me so off guard and I had no idea it was coming.”
“I grabbed my chest and I didn’t want to let go, because I felt like if I did let go, blood was going to be everywhere.”
“I got to take it home, it was the single greatest souvenir any hockey fan can get: a game-used puck that comes at you and hits you.”
“They’re really heavy, it’s pure rubber, they go at about 80 mph. My left breast is slightly deflated now and I will be getting it fixed next year.”
“But the good news is, I got a game used puck from a Capitals Stanley cup playoff game. Worth it.”

Khalifa, who retired from pornography after just a three month stint in 2014, is the current co-host of the SportsBall podcast on RoosterTeeth. She rose to prominence in the porn industry after performing a series of photo and video shoots in a traditional Islamic hijab. Khalifa received death threats from members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as a result and became one of the world’s most notorious pornstars. 

Perhaps better known as 'The hijab porn star', Khalifa hit the headlines in 2014 when she infamously humped on camera wearing the traditional Muslim garb. The BangBros film initially sparked outrage in her home country of Lebanon with haters claiming she had brought disgrace to the nation and insulted Islam. Khalifa stated in an interview with Loaded that she felt she is being made a scapegoat for internet censorship in her native land, and many others there have since demonstrated against the government, showing support for the American porn star. They claim that although she may have sex, 'She is still more decent than they are'. - Loaded Magazine

More importantly, Khalifa is a die hard Capitals fan and lets her fans know via social media where her allegiance lies. 

Check it out: