Preds send out the most savage tweet of the year!

Yeah and these guys are in for the long run. Watch out!

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It is so easy to feel powerful and ruthless behind a keyboard. We unfortunately see it too often, especially when it comes to teenagers and school bullying which takes place on social media, like Instagram and Facebook. However, it is easy to consider some National Hockey League as bearded teenagers, and social media comes at the centre of this, as one Stanley Cup contender put out a savage post on Twitter this morning that has sent shockwaves across the league. 

On Tuesday morning, the Nashville Predators felt somewhat nostalgic and decided to remind everyone of one of the fabulous trade that did not work out for the better... for their trade partner. The Preds' social media representative tweeted: "Too bad this didn't work out..." to their previous tweet explained the trade that took place with the Washington Capitals back in 2013: "The Preds have acquired forward Filip Forsberg from the Capitals for forwards Martin Erat and Michael Latta."

Yeah, too bad for you Caps it did not work out. 

We all remember the failed trade for the Capitals as both Erat and Latta did not do anything to help Washington. Erat ended up playing for the Arizona Coyotes before leaving for Europe in 2015, while Latta has been hanging around in the American Hockey League for years now... And as you all know, Forsberg has turned out to be one of the Preds' best players...

One NHL reporter, Andrew Zadarnowski, commented on the Predators' tweet, saying he feared for the team's future. 

There was report last week that the man behind the controversial but also entertaining Vegas Golden Knights twitter account, Dan Marrazza, announced that he had split form the organization after almost two years managing their social media pages. Back in October, the Golden Knights deserved every bit of condemnation and criticism they got as a sexist joke was made before a game against the Boston Bruins. 

"We accept full responsibility for our actions and apologize to those who were offended," the Golden Knights said in a statement, calling the tweets "in poor taste."

Rather than list the actual players in the Boston Bruins’ lineup Sunday, the Golden Knights posted a series of tweets with women’s names. “Dakota-Sierra, Mandy-Samantha, Autumn-Ruby,” read the tweet for the “Broons Defense Pairs.”

Marrazza did not explain why he was leaving the organization, or if he was fired by the club. He was with the team since the start of the expansion process, but now seems to look forward to a new challenge... The Golden Knights only stated that they plan to maintain the same whimsical, comical voice they've become known for on social media. The organization added that it wish Marrazza the best of luck in his future endeavours. 

Is the new endeavour in Music City? Is he the one behind this savage tweet?