Price makes surprising announcement following infidelity rumors

This might not please several Habs fans...

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It was quite a rollercoaster season for Montreal Canadiens star goalie Carey Price. However, he may have seen nothing yet. 

While Price struggled with injuries and ongoing chatter on his personal life, he saw his wife Angela come to the rescue in December after he was said to have been unfaithful and she was looking for a way out of Montreal. 

In a post to Instagram, Angela Price wrote “just for the record I am not getting divorced or threatening a divorce nor do I want to leave Montreal,” adding jokingly that she found the rumours “pretty entertaining.”

This aforementioned rumour was sparked by veteran journalist Réjean Tremblay, who said on Quebec City radio station CHOI 98.1 FM that the rumour was Angela Price was not happy in the city and had given Carey an ultimatum to either move or get divorced. 

Among the rumors floating around Montreal were that Price had been caught cheating on Angela with some outlets even going so far as to speculate that Price impregnated another woman. Sometimes, it seems hard to believe what is true and what is false. 

However, on Saturday, the couple made an announcement that may surprise many following the chaotic year the couple has had. Once again on Instagram, Angela and Carey Price have revealed that they are expecting a second child, coming this winter. 

Price was known to have struggled in between the pipes when his daughter Liv was born. He had mentioned the struggle with sleep and how it seemed impossible for him not to get up in the middle of the night when his daughter cried. So this news may not pleased some Habs fans...

Price posted a 16-27-7 record, a 3.11 goals-against average and a .900 save percentage as the Canadiens finished 28th in the overall standings and missed the playoffs for the second time in three years. He also admitted that he battled chronic fatigue at the start of the season.

“I’m not worried about the future of this team,” Price said at the end of the season when he met with the media in Brossard. “We just had a bad year and had a lot of underachieving performances, myself included. That’s disappointing. But, like I said, next year’s a brand-new year and you gotta go in with the most optimism.”

Congratulations to the couple.