Questionable decision in Brooklyn following Tavares departure...

You know fans will have something to say about this!

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Hearts were broken in Brooklyn, New York on the opening of free agency season on July 1st, when Islanders captain John Tavares made his choice. Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas pulled off the biggest signing of the summer when he landed Tavares on July 1, inking him to a seven-year, $77-million contract. 

“It just seemed like the fit was right, the timing was right,” Tavares stated after the signing. “I just had that instinct that this was the right thing for me to do.”

While the entire city of Toronto was cheering and already picturing themselves Stanley Cup champion next spring, the Islanders' fanbase was devastated. 

However, now, they might be confused, or some, even pissed by the questionable decision of a Brooklyn store following the departure of the beloved captain. A sporting goods store across from the Barclays Center is apparently attempting to continue selling his jersey, considering their manikin in its front mirror is still rocking a Tavares sweater, as reported by Bardown

Here is what the crew from Bardown wonders: 

"So what’s the deal with this? Is the store manager just trying to squeeze out all of his/her remaining merch involving the 27-year-old or is he/she doing it to honour his time with the team? Or has he/she simply been too lazy to deck the manikin out in some new threads? Because most Isles fans at this point would probably argue that the plastic human should be donning a Barzal jersey instead."

What is your call? 

In a recent letter penned by Tavares himself in the Players' Tribune, the former Islanders captain made a point to thank the Islanders organization, specifically pointing out the former GM Garth Snow. He also opened up about his near father-son-like relationship with Doug Weight and the agony he went through while trying to make the decision. 

"And then obviously there was Doug Weight, who, you know — it’s crazy how many hats Dougie has worn during my time on Long Island. He was our Captain, my rookie year, and our Head Coach, my final year … and for me, thankfully, I can also add “landlord” to that list. Yep — Doug didn’t just take me under his wing as a young player. He and his wife, Allison, literally took me in, and gave me a place to stay. It was a family away from my family, and a home away from home."

Maybe the store owner is still in denial...